Puppy Contract

This is an example of our puppy contract:

Byers Peak Labradors Puppy Sales Contract

Date: __________


Sire: ________________________________________________________ 


Dam: __________________________________________________________


Whelped on _______________, in Palmer, AK by Zoelea Vey.


Sold – one puppy, gender ___________, Collar color _____________, Microchip


Number ______________________, for the amount of $_________________.


This puppy has been sold to _________________________________________, on a limited AKC registration, which Byers Peak Labradors will provide.  The registered name shall include the first two words naming Byers Peak, such as “Byers Peak Happy Dog,” however, the call name is to be determined by the new owners.  All puppies sold by Byers Peak Labradors are sold on a “Pet Quality Contract,” and a limited registration, which means that the puppy cannot be shown at a conformation show, or bred, but can do any other type of AKC competition.  This registration can be altered in one of two ways:


  1. The puppy is neutered or spayed – after the owner sends a veterinarian’s certificate, with the dog’s microchip number on the certificate, stating that this puppy has been neutered or spayed, Byers Peak Labradors will change the registration to a full, sole ownership, and will send the owners a check for $50.
  2. If the puppy matures into a breeding or showing prospect, the owners must allow Byers Peak Labradors an evaluation of the puppy.  If we agree, the registration will be changed into a co-owned registration, so that the puppy may be shown.  If breeding potential exists upon maturity, Byers Peak Labradors will share in the expenses of obtaining hip, elbow, and eye clearances, in exchange for breeding rights of this puppy, or the owner has the option of obtaining these clearances themselves, after which Byers Peak Labradors will change the registration to a full, sole ownership.

Byers Peak Labradors guarantees this puppy to be healthy and free of disease for 48 hours, during which time the owners agree to have the puppy checked by their veterinarian.  If the puppy becomes ill during this time, the owners must immediately return the puppy.  A replacement puppy, if available, or a refund, will be provided.  Any guarantees granted by this contract are null and void if the new owners elect to spay or neuter this puppy before the puppy turns one year old. Byers Peak Labradors only breeds dogs that are free of any genetic disorders.  Hips, elbows, eyes (both CERF and PRA), and heart clearances have been obtained on both the sire and the dam.  By taking these precautions, we have made every attempt to breed for a genetically healthy dog.  If your puppy develops a health issue associated with a genetic problem in their hips, elbows, eyes, or heart, before they turn 24 months old, we will refund your purchase price.  You will not have to give up your pet.  A veterinarian must be able to determine that the problem is conclusively genetic to the exclusion of any other non-genetic cause.  We will require full access to all veterinarian records, and we will require a second evaluation, at our expense, to verify the problem.  If the problem is associated with poor nutrition or an injury, the puppy does not qualify under this guarantee.  Byers Peak Labradors is not liable for any expenses incurred by the owner for the veterinary care of this puppy.

Byers Peak Labradors makes a commitment to every puppy bred and placed in homes for the life of that puppy.  If, for any reason, you cannot keep this dog, you shall return the dog to Byers Peak Labradors.  We will find the dog a new home, or, if one is not immediately available, we will take the dog back, and keep the dog until a new home does become available.  Any money we receive in re-homing this dog, minus our expenses, will be returned to you.  It is our goal to place dogs in forever homes, and not have any of our dogs end up in shelters.

I agree with the above terms:


_____________________              ____________________________

Zoelea Vey                                                     Buyer’s name___________________

Byers Peak Labradors                                   Address______________________