Our puppies

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We will be breeding Delta next spring at some point (she gets the summer/fall/winter off to recover) but we haven't yet decided on the stud dog.  This will be her final litter.  We have a long waiting list for this litter already so I am not taking any additional names at this time.


We have had several wonderful litters here at Byers Peak... please see the following:

Photo by Randi Hirschmann - Argos

Photo by Randi Hirschmann - Charley

Photo by Jessica C. - Koda hiding from the "harsh" Alaskan sun!

Photo by Jessica C - Koda wading out to the boat on a family fishing trip!

Photo by Randi Hirschmann - Vespa, Coral, and Wilson

Bella and Puppies


2007 litter all lined up

Ed and Sonny

Chester with duck
Photo by Randi Hirschmann

Marty on couch
photo by Randi Hirschmann

Shelby and Marty kissing
Photo by Randi Hirschmann

Photo by Randi Hirschmann

Photo by Randi Hirschmann

We firmly believe that puppies should be physically challenged, in order to build up the strength and dexterity needed as young adults.  This is our puppy "jungle gym."  We also adhere to Pat Hastings' "rule of seven."  Her concept basically says that by the age of seven weeks, the puppies should have been introduced to seven different aspects of their daily lives, constantly changing, so they are familiar with the unfamiliar.  For example, our puppies get fed out of seven different types of dishes (maybe even more) so they learn to be tractable at a very early age.  We change their environment constantly, keeping them thinking.  We introduce as many new people as possible, taking precautions against the spread of infection.

This is my nephew Cameron Hanson, our official "puppy pile administrator."

The "puppy battles" are epic!  At least, until it is....


On this next picture, notice the puppy litter box in the background.  It is filled with shavings.  At about 3 weeks old, I start training the puppies to use the shavings to potty.  This is a time consuming project, but it make potty training a breeze for my puppy buyers!