Stud Dog Contract

This is a sample of our contract for breeding services
Byers Peak Labrador Retrievers



This is to certify that:

My Stud dog: Byers Peak Mele Kalikimaka in Kona

Color: Yellow

AKC # SR65993603

Was bred to:


Your Bitch _____________________________ Color __________ AKC # ______________________


On these dates: ___________________________________________ Due to whelp on ___________


Day 1 of season: _________________ Progesterone results ________________________________




Cash fee of $1,000. To be paid as follows:


$300.00 at time of breeding. This $300 of the stud fee is the “handling fee” and it is non-refundable. When the litter is born, (two live puppies that survive for 24 hours or more constitutes a litter), the remainder of the stud fee $700 is due. The litter registration will then be signed by stud owner. All fees related to breeding will be the bitch owner’s responsibility, (vet collections, smears, progesterone tests, shipping, extender, etc).


If there is no pregnancy, and a repeat is requested, then the “handling fee” of $300 is required again but it, plus the previous handling fee will be applied toward the total stud fee of $1000. Remainder of fee paid as per above. The bitch is to be confined during the duration of her season. Contact with any other male dog during her season will void the obligation of the stud owner to provide the AKC litter registration


Zoelea Vey                                                                      Owner of Bitch ________________________


945 S Homestead Cir                                                    ____________________________________

Palmer, AK 99645                                                          ____________________________________

907-947-9240                                                                 ____________________________________




_______________________                                      __________________________

Zoelea Vey                                                                      Bitch Owner



Whelp Date ___________             Males Y _____ B _____   Females Y _____ B ______